Rugby World Cup 2019 Times πŸ‰οΈ

What is this?

The Sports Times is a boilerplate template for providing sports event calendars in open formats for easier consumption. It publishes dates, times & locations using standards that most platforms understand.

πŸ“†οΈ ICS
Calendar feeds directly into macOS, iOS, Google Android, Microsoft Windows & Office
πŸ“‘ RSS
Really Simple Syndication for content aggregators, online and native apps
πŸ“„ CSV
Comma-separated content for personal use in the likes of Excel

How do you use it?

If you want to publish your own calendar of events for others to reference with ease, clone the repo, customise to your hearts content and host on your own website or domain.

It's an open-source project on Github for others to use and improve. Fork it, use it, raise a pull-request with your suggestions or simply raise an issue with ideas or problems.